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Everyone needs all of that in their world….running, fitness exercises and yoga. How do you figure out how much of each everyone needs? We start with an ASSESSMENT via a questionnaire and physical movements.  From there we build a customized program just for you!

Our services

One on One Training

Customized workout for clients that includes but is not limited to personal training sessions, nutrition plans/guidance, workout plans for the gym and monthly workout plans.

Yoga for Groups or Individuals

From basic stretching to flows and balances….this can be customized for what you want or need.

Boot Camp

Custom group exercise on location for clients. Plans include but are not limited to group goals (ie run a 5K ) , group exercise sessions, nutrition plans/guidance and lifestyle plans.

Coaching for Runners

Program starts with a running form analysis and includes exercises and running plans developed specifically for the runner.

Trigger Point Foam Roller Training

Learn how to properly use a foam roller and a ball to help warm up or cool down muscles.

Assess – Warm-up – Exercise – Cool Down  – Assess

Locations – Where to Find Me!

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Contact us for anything you want to know! We are happy to answer any question you have as quickly as possible.

Dynamic Spine and Sports Therapy 
22 Mill St, Marietta 
Fitness classes 
Monday/Thursday at noon
Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30pm