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December Assessment SPECIAL


What is RunFitYoga?

  • It’s cardio, strength training and stretching for all levels of fitness
  • It provides the structure for you to meet your goals, stay injury free and have more enjoyment with movement.


How does RunFitYoga work?

Step 1: Assessment questionnaire to review your fitness mindset and nutrition

Step 2: Functional Movement Assessment (FMS) review to see how your mobility and stability is right now as a result of your movement patterns .

Step 3: We combine the results of both assessments to develop the foundation of YOUR roadmap.


RunFitYoga was developed by Lisa Weinert who is an ultra-runner, yoga lover and workout fan.  She is a personal trainer (ACE certified), yoga instructor (200 hour certified) and running coach (RRCA certified).  Her passion is to help people move past obstacles and reach their goals. ******************************************************************************



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PROMOTION for December = a portion of your assessment fee goes towards a program of your choice with RunFitYoga