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What’s Your Why?

What’s your why? Mine is to help people reach their goals so they are empowered.  Those goals may be to gain strength to do an event that’s meaningful to you!  It may be oriented around a fitness, personal or business event.  Not sure how to start a workout program? Want advice on supportive nutrition for your goal? Let’s figure out how to work together so you can go for it! 

Your Fitness Journey Starts Here

  • Running coaching:
    • Running assessment. Want to see how you are moving? Want to see how you SHOULD move? Want to run faster, longer and without injuries? Start here with a video analysis. You receive your videos plus a review of what to focus on and how to do that.
    • Functional movement assessment.  Want to better understand your mobility and stability?  Those areas can impact ankles, knees, hips and shoulders in many ways.  Gaining a better understanding of your flexibility and balanced you are can lead to a better workout and therefore results!
    • Training plans. What are your goals? Trail race? Road race? Distance you’d like to run?
      The assessments can be great starting places for a customized plan for you. Plans include the running workouts, cross training and yoga. Everything in the plan is oriented around what you want to do, how you are moving right now and how do we get you across that finish line!
    • Fitness. Have some specific issues to address ? Let’s work on fitness from head to toe to make sure you can go after the goals or dreams your have in front of you. Using equipment, body weight only or a combination of both approaches plus homework to complement your session gets you on the right path!
    • Yoga.  From beginner instruction to private sessions to classes, we can cover yoga!  Learn the poses, develop a deeper understanding of yoga and see the awesome benefits to your fitness goals.
    • Certifications.
      • Running Coach (Road Runner's Club of America)
      • Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)
      • Yoga (Yoga Alliance)
      • Trigger Point
      • CPR
  • Start with a Fitness evaluation:
    • Functional movement assessment to review mobility and stability. An easy measurable set of tests that show how flexible and stable you are right now. Corrective exercises will be prescribed prior to any workouts. This can be done periodically to show your progress as you gain strength. This takes about 30 minutes and you won’t even get sweaty! Plus you will get a fabulous report that details what your strengths and weaknesses are based on the outcome. This data is like no other and offers you a safe way to build the most appropriate training plan. We get to look at your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders before you start working out. This gives you a great education on your body and a way to stay as injury free as possible.
  • Personal training:
    • One on one customized workouts. Once your current state of fitness has been determined and addressed any necessary corrections, you will have your own set of exercises that will help you meet your goal. This approach includes a complete body workout that focuses on building where you need to with a special consideration towards core and balance exercises. You will have a better understanding of your body, what to be aware of as you proceed through your day and what you need to do as a result. Posture and core plus stretching are so important to everyone!
    • Circuit oriented exercise classes. These classes are oriented towards teaching individuals how to do the exercises properly and to get the most out of them. Not only does this class offer a way to comfortably bring exercise into your life, it also has a great sense of community. There’s a sense of comfort and safety with these classes because of the welcoming environment. This is not your typical gym! My focus is on safety, form and building strength. Do you know the right way to stand up from a chair? Do you know what to focus on when using weights? Let me teach you and guide you as you get stronger and more confident in your body.
  • Yoga:
    • One on one sessions. Want to learn more about yoga poses so you can feel comfortable in a class? Want to have the best set of yoga moves for what you need? Come meet and flow at your pace. Learn what to expect out of a pose, learn how to move your body into a variety of poses, learn how to understand the cues and have fun with all of that!
    • Classes. This is a great way to not only get your flow on but to also have that sense of community. There’s hot and regular, there’s slow flow, there’s simple stretches, there’s more athletic, there’s a mix of all of that! All levels welcome!

Where does your fitness journey start? What do you want to take it?

Contact me at (404) 993-4546

Lisa Weinert

Your Wellness Diva